Its a Foggy Night

Its a Foggy Night

A dark and misty night

the road no lamp to light 

i know where i should be

but the way i cannot see

I recall a foggy evening when I was a small child, I have a very distinctive memory of this particular night.

We were out as a family, my parents, my eldest sister and my grandparents. We couldn’t get home because the fog was dense and it was impossible to see see the road in front of us.

My nan could drive (not many nan’s drove in the 1960’s) so my dad had an idea that would get his family safely home.

He would walk in front of the car, with the palms of his hands facing backwards. With the headlights on, my nan could clearly see my dads hands as he led us home. She drove behind him and followed him closely and slowly as he walked ahead.

There was no negotiation with my dad which way we went home. There were numerous routes, but the choice was his to take and our only hope of getting home was to follow his hands.

If we had not followed my fathers hands we would have got hopelessly lost, until the fog cleared.

 All our eyes were fixed on my fathers hands.

We couldn’t see the road ahead, though the route was a familiar one, we couldn’t tell where we were. All the regular landmarks were invisible to our senses. We couldn’t see any possible dangers or potential risks. Neither was there any conversation between my father and his mother. She simply had no choice ~

but to trust his hands to get us home.

There were others on the road, facing the same challenges and avoiding similar hazards, but we couldn’t see them, we couldn’t help them and they couldn’t help us. we were alone in our bubble of temporary blindness, with only the palms of my fathers hands to lead us safely home.

I remember very well, we were not at all worried, or frightened.

We trusted our guide to take us home.

He loved us, we were his family, his wife, children and parents. He would do nothing to cause us harm or alarm, we were confident in his ability and assured by his knowledge.


Life is still misty ~ on the brink of dawn, and i don’t know whats  ahead.

One thing is certain…

Daylight always arrives ~ on time ~  the sun will rise again ~

the expectation is bright.


What is getting me through the fog?

The palms of my heavenly Fathers hands…

Even there Your hand will lead me and Your right hand will hold me ~ Psalm 139:10

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