When Everyone Else Is Wrong

When Everyone Else Is Wrong

and only you are right

you know what’s best do you

as long as you speak true

you’re feelings matter most

you say – is your brand new

honesty is whats important ~ you boast

does it matter who’s right or wrong

there was an angel in heaven before time

he led in chorus the heavenly throng

in song

lucifer was his name

he thought he was right

that he mattered most

he did boast ~ just like now

he had approvals ~ and applauds

from those he thought would count

his pride grew stronger

you won’t be God any longer

for i am right ~ he did recount

from that moment

he fell from heaven

with all who praised his pride

God is still God He does not change

from Him one cannot hide

He does not alter

when we falter

then dance on our own parade

is the god in your head

the one you worship?

is the God in your heart

up there ~ with me ~ on the shelf?

He is your faithful Father

while your idol is yourself

He will not leave you ~ never

He knows the end of the story

will give Him the glory

until then

because you think you’re right

and everyone else

and God

is wrong

makes you an outcast

in the wake of your own mess

for now ~ from those you love

acceptance – forgiveness

for you affirms

Grace and mercy too ~ is yours

but sadly – not on your terms.