nature gave me Legs

you gave me wings

nurture got me walking

you set me free for flying

heritage gave me roots

“you can soar” ~ you never stopped saying


against me was your worst

toward me your affections burst

dark was your judas kiss

yet the sun shone from your love ~

~ not a day did it miss

your value was over and above


God saw every sin

an open book to him

i poured out my tears

in anguish and in prayers

his answer ~ always love

in him hope did not leave


the crime that stole my shine

was not of your design

the cruel that crushed my spirit

was not your arm that did it

fear ~ my daily torment

and unrelenting snores

did not hijack my night ~ through yours


Troubles were quiet

we became a duet

Our brokenness marked time

patent granted since our prime

while managing your mess

your rescue came to bless

while managing mine

i didn’t see yours climb


When they could no longer hide

they broke your vow in two

torn from your bride

blinded by shame were you

now you can see

you’re coming back to me


If you survive the fall.

believe that you can mend,

then climb back up the wall

your dreams did not end


then together forever

fragile ~ delicate ~ sore

but safe to shore

and soon to soar

no longer an unwelcome guest

tomorrow invites your best


the dark knight has gone

my prince is home

the script has changed our story

yesterday is history

our love will shine even brighter

through the cracks that hold us tighter


reflecting the beauty of hopefulness

the supremacy of mercifulness

the power of forgiveness

yielding healing and acceptedness

~ no more to frown

for trust ~ will be a jewel in our crown