His Leading Lady

His Leading Lady

It takes a lot of practice ~ To choke on fresh air,

Fall up the stairs, and trip over nothing.

I am highly qualified in all those skills!

Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s time you heard a little about this writer. The Reverend’s wife.

I loved being the Reverend’s wife. I love being a mum and a grandmother. I like hugs and hearts. Spotty, striped and flowery textiles and accessories. Some of the simplest things bring fulfilment, such as seeing people smile, while feeling loved and valued. Watching those I love eat my fresh roasted potatoes and home baked cake. Observing people open gifts I have bought them. These small gestures give me a lot of pleasure. 

I am happy mostly, even in the dark times, I can smile and reflect on many wonderful blessings and memories.

I have learned that my mind can be what I choose it to be.

Our minds are like a photograph album that can never be lost or taken from us. Filled with many pages of pictures that encourage us and add value and significance, making us want to create even more good memories.

Our minds can very easily get stuck on the negatives, where there is no colour or pleasure. Or the blurred and distorted outcome of what should have been a picture of clear and defining beauty. With a mind continually focussed on negative memories, we are forced to backdown from life, hide in a cave, shielded from the sadness.

If our mind is continually drawn into the dark places we can get lost with the mortals called confusion and hopelessness. Try to choose thoughts that let the light in, which will force the clouds to break up overhead, so then the sun will shine on your days.

When confusion and hopelessness come after you, which they will. Find someone who is facing the right way and will link arms with you to shake the pests off.

I know what it is to be let down, depressed and dissapointed, to be sad, angry, hurt, undervalued and overlooked. I also have experienced pain, sickness and at times had very little money. These experiences are unavoidable for most of us. There is always a light to switch on, and a different page we can turn to in the album of the memories in our mind.


As a child, my elder sister didn’t share the fear of strangers that I did. We were walking home from school together one day when an elderly gentleman shouted across the street to us for directions. My sister walked over the road to talk to him. I can remember being quite worried that she did that. I stayed on the opposite side of the road, thinking if he kidnaps my sister, I’ll run for my life! Another time we were walking happily home, I had gone a few yards ahead. Suddenly this very tall, stern looking, well dressed man with a big black brief case ran with speed towards me. I screamed out loud and legged it for all I was worth back to my sister, who was completely horrified with embarrassment because the man was running to catch his bus and not running after me with intent to cut me up into little pieces and boil me!

I was part of a group of loyal friends. We made the most of our young single years. Often spending holidays together, and enjoy weekends away too. We would chat and giggle until the early hours as girls do. Day dreaming about our future and all our hopes and expectations.

My parents worked hard and modelled a strong work ethic. They made sacrifices to enable them to provide for their four daughters well above their means. They modelled the importance of the Christian faith and the values and benefits of being devoted to biblical beliefs and principles. To trust God no matter what. They believed it was foundational to faith to belong to a local congregation and be involved in the church community.

All of which led me to becoming a strong Christian as a teenage girl.

A Christian husband was my benchmark, I would settle for no other life partner. I longed to fall in love with Mr Right, and I was ready. I never imagined I had the qualities required to be a suitable wife for a Reverend, with my keen interest in fashion and make up. Along with a nonreligious flair for creativity and shallow frivolity that I expressed through my own unique humour and style.

My knowledge of many lovely wives of Reverends who I grew up knowing well, confirmed my opinion that they possessed an excellence that was exclusive only to them. With an air of serenity and poise that I wasn’t specially gifted with.

I am a Christian, I’m devoted to God. I enjoy fun. I can be dippy at times, and also a little clumsy too. I will be the first to laugh at myself, it has to be said I give others and myself many opportunities to join me in the chuckles. Even with a mouthful of tea I had just gulped, which then projectiles out of my nose in an effort to hold back the giggles and a failed attempt to swallow.

It was refreshing to find that I made many life long Reverend’s wife friends who I completely related to in style, trivia and humour.

I learned from experience how easy it was to become entangled in infatuations in the pursuit of love as a single young girl. I am very grateful that circumstances got me out of some very silly situations, before I made a decision that may have impacted the rest of my life in an unhelpful way.

During the late 1970’s, early 1980’s I was a naïve twenty something single girl, having been sheltered well, and taught good values.

Then I met the Handsome, Born of Fire, Gift of God for the very first time…


Never underestimate the possibilities that are within you. When opportunity comes through a door of your life, embrace it and be prepared to be surprised with the outcomes. As a young woman I had so little self belief that I would shake my head and retreat in fear of incompetence and failure at the opportunity to venture into the unknown. Because of this I made a promise to God and myself that whatever opportunity or invitation presented itself, I would say YES! I became an ‘I Can Do’ person instead of an ‘I cannot Do’ person. One of the best choices i made…