Who Are You…

Who Are You…

The only version of you

is your version of you 

 the best or the worst

it’s the one there is…

One life we’re all given.

There are no second chances where we can tear up the years that have passed and begin again.

Every day we have the opportunity to make that day count ~ to be a day to remember.

There is no other YOU. All your past and present experiences ~ both painful and pleasurable have shaped you into the person you are now.

Your filter is unique to you, how you view life and others and process every circumstance, situation and experience ~ how we act, react, think and speak.

No one can ever make a clear decision for you. No one else can decide what will make you, you.

The role of being you is taken ~ you have the job and no one can do it for you, either better or worse.

Listen if you will ~ to the advice of those you trust, who influence you and have no ulterior motive ~ even then the choice is yours to make ~ you are resposible.

There is always a bigger picture to consider.

Your choices, decisions and actions may be in one direction for now, but another for the future.

What is best for your future, and the future of those you love is always without question the best decision and or action to take…

Because the future always comes, with or without you.

Your legacy lives on ~ good or bad ~ honouring or dishonering ~  Your story, your love, your selflessness, your choices, achievements, disappointments and failings continue for genreations.

Yes it matters, because when you’re no longer alive, when the future becomes the present for your children and grandchildren ~ your choice ~ today ~ REALLY MATTERS.